Monday, May 19, 2008

Service Learning Reflection(April 11)

(1)Three positives about the meeting on the 11th was..... we were starting to get organized with our information, we were very focused and ready to work, and we i delivered a message to a couple of service learning groups and told ask them if they can recycle any bottles or any trash they have that can be recycled. Things that need to be improved is that we work diligently every meeting because this was the only day we were focused and ready to do work. This is the only improvement we need to make in our group. I dont have any questions about my role or mission in my group. My role is to be a leader and set examples which i am currently doing and my mission is to get people to recycle.

(2) is a good website that relate to my group because on the website it talks about one of the main items that get recycled and what is made out of the recycled scraps. Some ideas this gives me for my group is to....only collect glass and compare number to what they got and another one is we can bring in some things glass is made out of

Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Plans for Service learning(May 9)

What i plan for tomorrows service learning meeting is to compare information and pick out the most important things about what we research. I also want to do another clean up around the area and compare from the last time we cleaned up. I think we can achieve these goals because we have potential well at least some of us do. These are my plans for tomorrows meeting

May 1 Service Learning Meeting

On Thursday we were supposed to bring research about recycling but not enough people bring there work so we came down to the IMC and found some research. We made alot of progress. I say that because we have a finished chart to record our data and we have a nice amount of research. That's pretty much what we did on Thursday. I will keep you posted see you next week.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Service Learning Reflection(April 25)

On this service learning day we walked around and actually was picking up trash. We went to Franklin Square and found alot of trash. We also went up chestnut but we didnt really find that much trash because the street cleaning people already got up all the trash. This is all that we did because we started late.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Plans for Service learning

This afternoon in service learning we are going to talk about the research each of us found. We are then going to compare and put together the best information for our survey. This is all know for now but what I plan to do is start a practice run of recycling. I want to do a practice run because we can get ideas based on how smoove the proccess go. This is my plan for service learning today.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thursday Service learning 4-17-08

On thursday we talked about researching on different things to recycle. Such as glass, paper, aluminum, and cardboard. We were assigned different things to research and i got chosen to research on glass. At first I didn't like my group but it is starting to come around. We also talked about some questions to ask people about them recycling because we are making a survey. This pretty sums up everything we did on thursday.